UW Linguistics Colloquium this Friday 11/17

Dept. of Linguistics Colloquium
Friday, 11/7/14
3:30 – 5:00 PM
Miller 301

Speaker: Scott L. Montgomery
Affiliate Faculty member in the Jackson School of International Studies

Abstract: English, as we’ve often heard, has become a global language.
Nowhere, however, has this advanced as far as in the natural sciences, where
English dominates the international dimension at every level. The reality,
in fact, brings forward a number of issues and questions. First, what
indicators convince us this has truly happened? Second, what unique
linguistic phenomena have emerged as a result? Third, what advantages and
disadvantages does it have, for science, for other languages, and for
individual speakers? Fourth, is there a geopolitical dimension involved,
e.g. is the status of English wholly tied to the status of the U.S.? Fifth,
and finally, does history provide any guide to what we might expect in the
near future? Answering these questions is necessary before we can understand
this new era in scientific communication and what it suggests with regard to
language policies and education around the world.


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