English 474A: Service-Learning Course for Future Teachers in SUM 2013

Considering a career in K-12 education, wanting to fit more experiential learning into your degree, or just curious to learn more about the literacy curriculum at a local school?  ENGL 474A may be for you!

English 474A: Service-Learning Course for Future Teachers
VLPA; optional W available; field work or elective credit for Education, Learning and Society minors
A term, M-Th 9:40-11:50, June 24-July 24

In this service-learning course we will meet on campus during some class sessions for seminar discussions, and in the summer school literacy program at Olympic Hills Elementary during other class sessions. Olympic Hills is a “high needs” and highly successful public school in the Lake City neighborhood in north Seattle. Our work on campus will include considering some reasons young students struggle with reading and writing, and strategies and skills for understanding and supporting students’ development as readers and writers. We will focus also attention on the literacy curriculum in use at Olympic Hills, and on ourselves as teachers, community members and writers.

There are no prerequisites. No add codes are required.

Questions? Contact the instructor, Elizabeth Simmons-O’Neill, esoneill@uw.edu

A few comments from last summer’s English 474 students:

“Loved the class, learned a lot, grew personally and as a future teacher.”

“By far one of the best classes I took at UW.”

“The service learning is an integral part of the class…. The tutoring led to insights, and helped me realize where I need to improve.”

“Class discussions were effective and engaging. They gave everyone a chance to share and learn from each others ideas and perspectives.”

“The final projects were awesome, diverse, helpful, informative.”

“I am now much more interested in and passionate about working with immigrant students and understanding education and problems in education from their point of view.”

“I’ll be a better teacher because of the self-evaluation I have learned to do with my teaching methods.”


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