Study and Research Scholarships for Graduate Study in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales (Application Deadline: 04/16/13)

The Churchill, Gates Cambridge, Marshall, Mitchell and Rhodes scholarships all provide funding for students interested in attending graduate school in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for campus nomination:
•             Have obtained a baccalaureate degree between now and August of 2014,
•             A U.S. Citizen at time of application.  (International students may apply for the Gates Cambridge and the Rhodes Scholarships),
•             Have a 3.7 GPA,
•             Have a record of leadership and participation in extra-curricular activities (academic, research, internships, service, study abroad),
•             Age requirement as of October 1st:  Mitchell (29 or younger), Rhodes (23 or younger).

Winston Churchill Scholarship:  The Churchill supports one year of research in mathematics, science and engineering at Churchill College at Cambridge University.

Gates Cambridge:  The Gates Cambridge supports one to three years of study in any discipline at Cambridge University.  Students must apply directly and be accepted to the University before consideration.

Marshall Scholarship:  The Marshall provides one to two years of support to fund study at an institution of higher education in England, Scotland, Whales or Northern Ireland.

Mitchell Scholarship:  The Mitchell provides funding for one year of study at any institution of higher education in Ireland.

Rhodes Scholarship:  The Rhodes Scholarship supports funding for two to three years of study at Oxford University in England.

The campus nomination application can be accessed from the procedures section on each scholarship pages on the OMSFA Website’s National Scholarship —    .

Campus Application Deadline:  Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Upcoming Information Sessions:
Tues., March 5 at 12:30-1:20 pm, 171E MGH, Multipurpose Room
Wed., March 6 at 1:30 – 2:20 pm, 171E MGH, Multipurpose Room
Thurs., March 7, 1:00 – 1:50 pm, 224 MGH, Dean’s Conference Room
Mon., March 11, 4:30 – 5:20 pm, 171R MGH, EXPD Conference Room
Thurs, April 4, 2:30 – 3:20 pm, 171R MGH, EXPD Conference Room

For additional information, please see the Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards website:


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