The Dyslexic Brain: A University of Washington Study of Biological Causes of Reading Disorders

Dyslexia BrainDo problems with READING and/or SPELLING seem to run in your family? You may be a candidate for a research study at the University of Washington!

A study at the University of Washington is looking for participants to find out how difficulties with reading are inherited and how the brain processes sounds. Adults with dyslexia may qualify for this study. Besides the adult with dyslexia, at least two other family members must have difficulty with reading also, or have had difficulty in the past.
Everyone who participates will be asked to complete some of or all of the following tasks: (1) speech, language, reading, and reasoning tasks, hand movement tasks, (2) have brain measurements similar to an EEG, (3) have a magnetic resonance imaging scan, and (4) give a small amount of blood or saliva.

Who?  Adults with dyslexia, 20 to 35 years old
Where?  University of Washington
When?  Starting now; by appointment
How long?  Two sessions of up to 4 hours each; appointments are flexible to fit your schedule
Pay?  Reimbursement is $10/hour, plus parking expenses.
Confidential?  As in all studies conducted by the University of Washington, your
privacy will be protected.

Contact:  Beate Peter, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, principal investigator. Phone (206) 713-5839, or email . (We cannot assure confidentiality of any information sent by e-mail.)


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