Business Internships for Non-Business Majors Employer Panel

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Business Internships for Non-Business Majors Employer Panel
Tuesday, February 12 4:30–6:30pm in 134 Sieg Hall

You don’t have to be a business major in order to succeed in the business world!

Regardless of whether you ultimately want to pursue a career in business or one in a nonprofit organization or government agency, completing a business-related internship will enhance your skills, your confidence, and your resume, and will make you a more versatile job applicant.

The truth is that majors in the College of Arts and Sciences develop a wealth of relevant abilities such as keen analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills as well as a variety of great professional characteristics such as enthusiasm, creativity, agility and a strong work ethic. These are some of the qualities most valued by employers in all sectors, includ­ing business.

Our Business Internships for Non-Business Majors Employer Conversation will represent an array of companies that offer a variety of internship possibilities such as management training, consulting, marketing/PR, and more general opportunities.

Come and broaden your horizons: Hear what real employers have to say about business internships for non-business majors!


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