Talk: Motoki Nomachi (11/19/12, 3:30PM)

Polysemy copying or grammaticalization? The Recipient Passive in West Slavic languages with special attention to Kashubian
Motoki Nomachi
Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University

Monday, November 19
Thomson 135
3:30 p.m.

Several Slavic languages have the so-called recipient passive construction, for instance, Upper Sorbian Hil?a je suknju darjenu d?sta?a (‘Hil?a was given a skirt’). Since Common Slavic did not have a construction of this type it has been suggested that its presence in Slavic is due to the influence of the German bekommen passive such as Ich bekam ein Buch geschenkt (‘I was given a book’). The degree of grammaticalization of the recipient passive construction has been studied by Markus Giger (2003, 2010) and Bj?rn Wiemer (2011) who analyzed it in Czech, Slovak, and Sorbian in the framework of grammaticalization theory developed by Bernd Heine and others. In this talk Prof. Nomachi will consider the degree of grammaticalization of the Kashubian recipient passive in comparison with other West Slavic languages, with special attention to the development of the construction within the Kashubian verbal system.


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