New CSE Course for Students with No Programming Experience (SUM 2012)

Introducing a NEW computer science course designed for students with no prior programming experience!

CSE 190P: Introduction to Data Programming with Applications
Offered: Summer, Full-term (Lecture SLN 14123)


Computational methods permeate the sciences, engineering, and the humanities. A successful professional in any field needs a knowledge of computer programming in order to perform practical data analysis.

In this summer course:

  • You will learn computational problem-solving. After the class, if you are given a data source and a problem description, you will be able to write a complete, useful program to solve the problem.
  • You will learn Python, a popular and easy-to-use general-purpose programming language that includes excellent libraries for data manipulation, scientific computing, and visualization.
  • Assignments will use real datasets from astronomy, biology, linguistics, oceanography, open government, social networks, and more. You will see that it is easy to process, and that doing so yields insight.
  • You will have a lot of fun!

Prerequisites: high-school math. No other prerequisites.
You should not have already taken an AP or college programming class. The class is for people who do not yet know how to program.


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