Speech and Hearing Sciences Talk: Takayuki Ito (04/06/12)

Sensorimotor Function in Speech Processing

Takayuki ItoTakayuki Ito, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Haskins Laboratories


Owing to different sensorimotor characteristics of orofacial system from the other skeletal system, such as relatively quick muscle contraction dynamics and lack of muscle proprioceptors, it is important to know how orofacial sensorimotor system functions in speech motor control and perception of the speech sounds. We here considered three topics: (1) rapid compensatory mechanisms in speech motor control, (2) somatosensory afferents associated with facial skin deformation in speech production and learning, and (3) the effect of orofacial somatosensory afferents to speech perception. In series of the studies, we applied mechanical perturbations to the jaw or facial skin. By observing the response to the perturbation in speech production and perception, we found a specific role of orofacial sensorimotor system in speech production and perception.

Faculty Host: Dr. Ludo Max
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