Visit from University College London (03/08/12)

University College LondonWe are excited to have Monika Harms from University College London, UCL, visit the UW campus on March 8, 2012.  This is a great opportunity to have students, advisors and others learn about graduate education in the UK as well as some of the scholarships that have been developed to support that study.  In addition, Ms. Harms will introduce the campus to exciting graduate offerings, both taught and through research, being offered at the University College London.   We currently have a BioE alum, Jesse Burk-Rafel, at UCL completing a one-year MRes in Clinical and Experimental Medicine as a Whitaker Fellow.

Studying in the UK
Monika Harms, University College London
Thursday, March 8, 1:30 p.m.
Mary Gates Hall, Room 258

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