Talk on Teaching Japanese: Erika Ahlstrom, 11/16, 4:30PM

What Will You Do With Your Degree in Japanese? How About Teach!

Wednesday November 16, 2011
Savery Hall 139
Erika Ahlstom, Roosevelt High School – Seattle
Sponsored by the UW Japan Studies Program
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Interested in the possibility of teaching high school Japanese? Come hear Erika Ahlstrom, Japanese teacher from Roosevelt high school talk about her profession. Ms. Ahlstrom, who studied Japanese language and linguistics at the University of Washington, is certified to teach both Japanese and Spanish. Before taking advanced courses at UW and earning her teaching certification, Ahlstrom worked for two years as a JET Programme Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in  Hokkaido, Japan. Ms. Ahlstrom’s presentation will focus on what it is like being a high school Japanese teacher, and the linguistic skills and educational background needed to do well in this profession. Information on teacher certification programs will also be available.


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