Young Chinese Americans Sought to Complete Survey on Contemporary Social Identity

You are invited to voluntarily participate in a short survey related to Chinese American social identity in relation to social networks. This survey is part of an in depth research project that examines the position of Chinese Americans following the sensationalist YouTube video in which a UCLA student Alexandra Wallace decries the behavior and (lack of) manners of Asians manifested in various settings, ranging from their apartments to the

She opens her video stating that her rant is not directed toward any of her friends; rather it is toward “random people I don’t even know.” ( This rant elicited many responses from Chinese and Asian American community members. One artist’s response (watch it here, which, itself, became a YouTube sensation, was that of Jimmy Wong, an independent LA-based musician who is from Seattle.

There will be no compensation or benefits, directly or indirectly, for completing this survey.

The results of the survey remain absolutely anonymous. You must complete this survey in one sitting. You may not save your results for later completion.
The link to this survey is


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