Contract Medical Interpreting Work in Seattle

The Seattle Academy of Languages Translation and Interpretation Services is currently seeking qualified interpreters.  The most needed languages are: Amharic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Cambodian, Croatian, Hindi, Hungarian, Hmong, Greek, Korean , Lao, Marshallese, Mien, Nepali, Punjabi, Romanian, Tagalog, Thai, Samoan, Serbian, Somali, and Urdu.

Read on for job requirements and contact info.


  • High level of fluency in English
  • Native or near-native level of fluency in the target language
  • Interpreters who wish to interpret in the medical field or community must have passed the Department of Social Health Services (DSHS) interpreter exams (DSHS certification) and have a current TB test.
  • If you work with more than 1 language (besides English), or if your native language is English, we will setup a phone interview to test your fluency level in that target language.
  • 3 professional references (ideally from recipients of your interpretation services)
  • Minimum 2 years of interpretation experience
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Familiarity with the healthcare system and medical terminology


1)      The list mentions 2 years of interpretation experience which we realize is not necessarily applicable.  Students who have fluency in a language that is in high demand for its limited diffusion should still contact us since they can be considered on the basis of their familiarity with the context of the work or other transferable experience and training.

2)      The WA DSHS medical interpreter certification mentioned takes about 2 or 3 months to gain. We have a provisional qualification process for candidates in the meantime if their language is in high demand for its limited diffusion as well. It consists of an oral  phone evaluation by an experienced interpreter or translator and 2 shadowing sessions.

As a potential recruit, you need to first submit a current resume that should include language pair(s), level of language skills and where your language skills were acquired, previous interpreting experience, and other relevant education and work experience. Please email your resume to


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