LING 499: Undergraduate Research in I-LABS

If you’re looking for a couple extra credits next quarter, consider this opportunity supporting research in UW’s Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS).  Job duties are summarized below.  For questions, please contact Natalie Andrews at

Ling 499

Faculty Sponsor:        Patricia Kuhl, PhD.     Speech & Hearing Sciences     685-1921

Supervisor:                 Natalie Andrews     I-LABS     543-6000

Job duties:      Students will participate in the research in any of the following important ways:

-greeting parents in the reception area.

-making database entries.

-library and internet searches.

-scheduling and confirming appointments for various studies conducted by researchers.

-general office duties (checking phone messages, faxes, xeroxing, etc.) in support of scientists’ research.

Reading materials:  Journal articles relating to studies relevant to the research in the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences:  Social and vocal imitation, development of emotions, language acquisition, neuroimaging of the brain.   Materials will be provided.

Requirements:  Commitment of least 2 quarters preferred but not required; prompt and reliable attendance, previous experience with research techniques and/or children helpful but not necessary.

Environment & Benefit:  We are a multidisciplinary research center focusing on the cognitive science and neuroscience of development in the first years of life, with an emphasis on infants and toddlers.  Our studies are designed to help parents and psychologists learn more about the mind and brain of developing children in regards to their social, emotional, and language development.

This job will be of interest to students who wish to learn more about neuroscience, cognitive psychology, development, child care, and education.  It’s a great opportunity for exposure to research in preparation for graduate school.


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