SLAV 470: Issues in Bilingualism offered in Autumn 2011

Looking for a linguistics elective to take in fall?  SLAV 470:  Issues in Bilingualism is being offered in Autumn 2011 and there’s still plenty of space in the course.  If you’re an incoming freshman or transfer student and haven’t yet been able to declare the major, this is a great option for you to start working through the linguistics electives requirement because it has no prerequisites.

For more information about the course, see the official course description below.

SLAV 470                      ISSUES IN BILINGUALISM
M W 10:30-12:20        Instructor: Dziwirek                  5 credits
SLN 19030

The course offers several perspectives on bilingualism. From personal to global, from the linguistic aspects of code-switching to cultural aspects of living in two languages. We examine how bilingual children acquire two languages, consider the experiences of bilingual adults, and study bilingualism as a societal phenomenon (diglossia and language choice, language policies, linguistic identity, language rights, linguistic minorities, etc.). Students do not need to speak a Slavic language. The bilingual experience of emotions and language maintenance and linguistic diversity in the Pacific Northwest are two important topics of the course. No prerequisites.


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