Linguistics Colloquium – Sharon Hargus – 10/15, 3:30pm, PCAR 291

Virginia Beavert & Sharon HargusIf you can, please come listen to our department’s own Sharon Hargus discuss her work on the Sahaptin dictionary. Especially recommended for those of you interested in language documentation.


Dictionaries and linguists:  Some methods and results of Ichishkíin Sínwit
Sharon Hargus
Department of Linguistics
University of Washington

Friday, October 15, 2010
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Paccar Hall, Room 291

The documentation of underdescribed languages has focused on the creation of three types of products, grammars, dictionaries and texts.  In this presentation I will talk about the pros and cons of linguist involvement with dictionaries, based on my recent experience compiling Beavert and Hargus 2010.  I will provide an overview of the history, methods and challenges of the dictionary, and its relation to concurrent grammatical and textual projects.  I will conclude with a demonstration of the use of the dictionary as a tool to test conflicting claims that have been made about Sahaptin word order (‘free’, Rude 1994; VSO, Dryer 2005).

Beavert, Virginia, and Sharon Hargus. 2010. Ichishkíin Sínwit Yakama/Yakima Sahaptin Dictionary. Toppenish and Seattle: Heritage University and UW Press.

Dryer, Matthew S. 2005. ’81. Order of Subject, Object, and Verb.’ In The World Atlas of Language Structures, ed. by Martin Haspelmath, Matthew S. Dryer, David Gil and Bernard Comrie. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 330-331.

Rude, Noel. 1994. ‘Direct, Inverse and Passive in Northwest Sahaptin.’ In Voice and Inversion, ed. by Talmy Givón. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 101-19.

Reception to follow in same room.

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