New Career Guide Available!

Career GuideUW’s Career Center just released its annual Career Guide, with info to help you plan for and find a job and a career, no matter what stage of the process you’re in. There’s information about applying to grad school too. Please check it out!

I’m particularly impressed by the section with exercises to help determine your strengths. When you’re majoring in linguistics, it can be difficult to figure out how your academic career could translate into a professional career, especially as a number of our graduates don’t end up working with languages post-graduation. Even if you’re not yet searching for jobs online, having a firm idea of where you’ve come from, what you like to do, what skills you’ve gained along the way, and what you still want to get out of your education all contributes to a strong sense of direction as you continue your studies. And employers like to hire folks who have clearly taken some time to reflect on these things, and can articulate them clearly.


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