Hi everybody,

Welcome to the weblog for Linguistics Advising at UW!

I’ve set this page up to post announcements on departmental events, news, and information for linguistics majors.

You might be asking: “Why is this site here? Can’t you just e-mail us all this info?” While I’ll continue using the lingu Mailman list for important announcements, I wanted to establish a different forum for a few reasons:

  • I get a lot of e-mails about course offerings, scholarship opportunities, study abroad programs, and more – way more than it makes sense to send via lingu. This blog isn’t a replacement for the lingu list – instead, it’s a way to get information to you that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise forwarded through e-mail, without flooding everybody’s inbox.
  • This site’s searchable, and I’m going to tag all my posts. For instance, you can pull up all of the posts I’ve made on study abroad. This should make it easier to find the information you need.
  • This site’s public! This is a way of making information available to people who are thinking of being LING majors, or folks from other departments who are interested in linguistics stuff.

If there’s a particular topic you know you’ll want regular updates on (like if you’ll be hitting the job market soon, and you want to know about career events), you can set up an RSS feed, and read the posts using an RSS feeder or even get them sent to your e-mail – see the “RSS Feeds by Category” links on the right. There are tons of RSS readers out there (I only need a basic one, and have been really happy with Google Reader). For you MS Office users, there’s support for RSS feeds in Outlook; there are also RSS-to-e-mail services out there like feedmyinbox.

This is a little bit of an experimental endeavor, so let me know what you think! Ultimately, my goal is to give you easy access to the information you need.




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